Hiking Equipment Checklist

 What You Should Carry When Exploring The Great Outdoors

Hiking Equipment Checklist

Hiking can be a rigorous, physically demanding hobby, yet the joy of the sights and sounds you will enjoy as you enjoy the magnificence of nature make it all the worthwhile. You should ensure that you have the right hiking equipment before heading out into the wild. Here is a list of the essential items you need to include in your hiking equipment checklist.

1.     A Map And Compass
A compass will help you stick to a specific direction until you reach your desired destination. On the other hand, a map will help you along the trails that do not have distinctive marking or signs to guide you along the way.

2.    Flashlights or Headlamps

You need to see where you are going if your hike will extend well into the night. Flashlights or headlamps that use LED lights should thus be included in your equipment checklist. Remember to include extra batteries and bulbs.

3.    Sunglasses

Sunglasses will come in handy when traveling in windy, very sunny, or snowy regions. The sunglasses can also protect your eyes from injuries caused by flying debris.

4.    First Aid Kit

Disaster can hit unexpectedly when out on a hike. You can have a broken limb, a bruise, blister, burns, cuts, or bites. As such, make sure you carry a first aid kit that has all the necessary items and includes your personal medications.

5.    Boots

There is no telling how important the boot are. You need a fit pair of boots that you’ve broken in and worn for a while, in order to pull through a long hike and arrive at your destination without blisters or twisted ankles. Check out Hiking Lady Boot’s line-up of the finest hiking boots.

5.    Knife

A knife becomes a multipurpose tool when hiking or camping. It can be used to build shelter, when cooking, and can be utilized as a defensive weapon. Carry at least three different sized knives and ensure they are sharp.

6.    Match Or Fire Starter

Whether canned heat, firewood, or magnesium sticks, you will need to get a first started to keep warm and prepare food. As such, a fire starter or matchbox should be included in your hiking equipment checklist.

7.    Food And Water

You should carry enough food to see you through your hike and bring with you enough water to avoid getting dehydrated and help your body metabolize the food. Remember to carry a water filter or water treatment that will help make the lake or river water safe for drinking.

8.    A Backpack And Small Tent

You will need a good-quality backpack that you can use to carry all the equipment you need for your hike. Also, include a small tent for just in case your outdoor adventures last into the night, and you have to sleep out in the woods.

9.    Outdoor Clothes

Carry extra protective clothing that will help keep you warm and protect you from insect bites and getting pricked by thorns. You can as well opt to carry a sleeping bag if you plan to go for a hike that will go for more than a day.

These essential items should always be in your backpack as you plan to go hiking. Having these items with you during the hike will keep you safe and your mind at ease so that you can enjoy your adventure while exploring the great outdoors.