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Salmon Recovery

Welcome to the Salmon Recovery program in Island County, Washington

Cornet Bay Shoreline Restoration Project in the news

The Cornet Bay Shoreline Restoraion Project has been in the news lately. There was a celebration held on Sept 18, hosted by the Northwest Straits Foundation to recognize the accomplishments of all the project partners and the completion of Phase 1. Phase 2 is designed and awaiting permitting. Phase 3 is in the scoping phase.  As Jack Hartt (Park Ranger) stated:

“It’s very alive compared to what it used to be.

“We’re also seeing that people are enjoying it as a beach now. Kids are making sandcastles and it’s become what we all think of when we think of the beach.

“That’s exciting.”

There are new signs installed that illustrate the ecology and importance of the area. They were sponsored by the Foundation and the Island MRC, paid for with SRFB money. 

Kris Wiltse is the artist, Dan Pederson is the author and Sarah Schmidt is the naturalist behind these signs.


2014 Salmon Recovery Funding Board Grant Round


Tidegate Symposium Materials


Lead Entity Definition: n.

"Local, watershed-based organizations that develop local salmon habitat recovery strategies and then recruit organizations to do habitat protection and restoration projects that will implement the strategies" (Chelan LE, 2012)


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