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Salmon Recovery

Welcome to the Salmon Recovery program in Island County, Washington

 It is a Pink Year!

This means there are millions of juvenile pink salmon heading out to sea this spring. They outmigrate every other year in huge numbers. Juvenile Chinook salmon are also outmigrating at right now as well. Juvenile Chinook and pink salmon hug the nearshore, using pocket estuaries and embayments, to refuge from currents, tidal energies and predators.

These were caught by the Marine Resources Committee volunteers during their beach seining in Cornet Bay. The beach seining project is identifying, counting and measuring fish using the Cornet Bay Restoration Site. All fish are returned as quickly as possible to the Bay.

Pink (top) and Chinook (bottom) juvenile salmon


2014 Salmon Recovery Funding Board Grant Round


Tidegate Symposium Materials


Lead Entity Definition: n.

"Local, watershed-based organizations that develop local salmon habitat recovery strategies and then recruit organizations to do habitat protection and restoration projects that will implement the strategies" (Chelan LE, 2012)


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