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Programs - Water Recreation

Water Recreation

Welcome to the Water Recreation program in Island County, Washington.
The Water Recreation program monitors water quality in fresh and marine water bodies where swimming occurs.  This program also oversees water recreational facilities, such as pools and spas, that offer the public an opportunity to swim, bath or soak. 
Pools and Spas
Public Health staff inspects water recreational facilities at a minimum of once per year.  Staff inspects facilities to promote proper water quality and a safe swimming environment.  These efforts can help reduce the risk of water borne illness and prevent unintentional injuries and drowning.   
Swim Beaches
Public Health staff monitors water quality at public swimming beaches for the presence of water contaminants.  If testing results indicates potential contamination, the public is notified through press releases and signs are posted on site.  Water quality evaluation also includes monitoring for toxic blue-green algae.