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Programs - Onsite Sewage (Septic) Systems - HomeOwner Septic Training Program

HomeOwner Septic Training Program

We offer many opportunities to learn about onsite sewage (septic) systems.  Here is what some homeowners have said about the program.

"I thought I knew a lot about my septic system and drainfield, but I learned a lot!"                                                           - Alan, Whidbey Island

"Continue with the good work."          - Frank, Whidbey Island

"Septic 201 was one of the best training I've attended.  It's "hands on" approach is perfect with great information"                                  - Dorothy, Camano Island

"Great program - keep it going!"        - Bill, Camano Island

"I am going to hire a professional for my first inspection.  After that, I'll do it!  Great information."                                          - Gordon, Whidbey Island


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HOST 2014 Class Schedule

                                                 Home Owner Septic Training 


 Date Day Location  Time  101  201  Sign Up 
 1-Feb Saturday   Oak Harbor HS  8:00-4:00pm  101    Sign Up
 17-April Thursday  Little Brown Church  7:00-8:30pm  101    Sign Up
 26-April Saturday  Patmore Park  10am-Noon    201  Sign Up
 2-June   Monday Coupeville Rec Hall  5:30-9:00pm  101  201  Sign Up
 28-June Saturday  Lagoon Point  9am-Noon   101 201  Sign Up
 21-July Monday  Coupeville Rec Hall  5:30-9:00pm  101  201  Sign Up
 8-Sept Monday  4 Springs, Camano  6:00-9:00pm  101  201  Sign Up
 9-Sept  Tuesday  Oak Harbor Library  6:30-8:00pm  101    Sign Up

Detailed descriptions:


Septic 101

Provides the basics of owning and operating a system.  This class can be viewed on the web or attended in a traditional lecture style.  It is also the first requirement for the HOST-HomeOwner Septic Training Program certfying homeowners to inspect their own conventional septic systems.

Septic 201

The second and final class in the HOST program, this class provides the opportunity for a homeowner to watch a full inspection of a system.  Our most popular class, many homeowners attend this class just to become more knowledgable about the inspection requirements before they hire a professional.  Others want to become certified to inspect their system themselves.  Either way, this "hands on" class provides a great opportunity to ask questions and get expert advice.

As a reminder, only conventional gravity and conventional pressure systems are able to be inspected by homeowners.  All other systems require a professional inspection.  Conventional pressure systems in the South Holmes Harbor and Penn Cove watersheds require a professional inspection.